What We Do

We provide batteries for any application to both the OEM and replacement markets. We have multiple battery chemistries in stock and can build custom battery packs in as little as 24 hours. Our Customer Support Specialists are trained to properly identify the right battery for you and in most cases ship the same day for in-stock batteries.

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Who We Are

Jasco Battery Specialists was founded and incorporated in 1991. We are a team of professionals with the know-how and desire to find the right battery solution at the right price and right on time for any application. Jasco Battery has been operating in Oxford CT since 2004 and recently moved to a larger facility in January of 2015. We are a master distributor and full service assembly house for batteries used in many applications including: Emergency Lighting, UPS, Alarm, Solar, and Generator Starting. We sell through distribution and supply our customers everything from Hearing Aid to Data Center Back up Batteries.

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